The who, what, when, where, why and HOW?!

Here we go…. Our first ever blog post!
 I suppose we should start where every good story begins….

At the beginning…

This is a story about professional windsurfers Wyatt Miller, Tyson Poor and Bryan Metcalf Perez who have spent their entire lives traveling to the vast waters of the world windsurfing and generating as much stoke as possible for the future generations of water sports enthusiasts. They come from the crisp blue waters of Maui to the raging rapids of the Columbia River and have always ventured out to new waters to meet the locals, get a taste of the culture, and spend as much time as possible exploring the depths of the deep blue.

Driven by passion, adventure and the desire to GIVE BACK to the sport that has forever influenced the three amigos, they have set sail with the mission to bring their passion for water sports to the worlds youth by providing inspiration, training and equipment to kids who would not otherwise be able to participate in water sports.

Just to start…. They will do this by creating a movement that inspires others to travel to their favorite locations with equipment that they will leave to a deserving local kid as well as they will generate excitement for others to travel with the BEYOND Boardshorts crew to various locations to hand deliver gear.

The movement has begun everyone!!! So lets find ways to join together and get these kids an alternative after school activity that involves smiling faces and the healthy lifestyle of athleticism.

Stay tuned for our 1st episode release in January followed by Magazine articles, many press releases, FUN fundraising events and calls to action and much much more!
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Thanks for reading our first blog post and more fun to come!
BEYOND Boardshorts TEAM

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