Take a trip to Cuba with Beyond Boardshorts

“We traveled to a country where we needed more windsurfing equipment to donate!”

We never expected that Cuba would be exploding with windsurfing enthusiasts!  What we first thought would be an easy decision of who we would donate gear to we quickly realized it would not be that easy.

Throughout our trip we found a windsurfing club, a youth sailing school and a lot of individual windsurfers.  As our friendships with the locals grew, we were inspired, shared smiles, enjoyed the wind together and made life long memories.  At the end of our two week trip,  the Beyond Boardshorts team joined together and with much deliberation we decided who we would donate the gear to…

Armando Diaz: 

Armando was the most generous person we had met during our trip. He is the type of guy that spends his long days working at his job and if there is the slightest breeze towards the end of his work day, he is off to the beach.  Once he arrives at the beach his gear explodes out of his car and before he feels the sweet relief of the water across his face he hands his stuff over to a nearby eager sailer to go first.  We knew that by gifting Armando the equipment we would be gifting it to the enthusiastic community he generously shares with daily.


Equipment Gifted

  • Starboard freewave 103L Board
  • Severne Concert 6.0 Sail
  • No Limitz mast
  • Chinook base and universal
  • Severne aluminium boom.
  • Makani Kohola V2 fin

 Wilver Llanes:

Wilver was constantly wearing the biggest smile across his face as he sailed along the water, we agreed that he was one of the most eager kids that we had met. When we thought about who eluded the most happiness on and off the land, one person really stood out… Wilver.  His motivation to be on the water was truly contagious. He was so proud to share his love for his country and his love for windsurfing with us that he invited us to join him in his home town to spend a day and sail with him.  One of our fondest memories in Cuba.


 Equipment Gifted

  • NeilPryde carbon boom
  • Chinook carbon extension
  • Chinook base
  • S2 Maui 4.5 jester
  • NoLimitz 370 sumo mast
  • Dakine harness lines

These two individuals are who we would classify as “well-deserving.”  Our mission at Beyond Boardshorts is to seek out individuals who are truly passionate, hard working and who would benefit the most from receiving water sport equipment.

Cuba left a special place in all of our hearts and we will be finding a way to get back there with a big boat full of a lot of equipment.

If any one has said boat…. call us….


Thanks for watching the episode and sharing the stoke with us!

Sail on,

The Beyond Boardshorts team



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