Kipps goes to Cabarete with windsurf gear for Pablito’s kids

This is a story of Kipps Zygarewicz 🙂

“I became acquainted with the Beyond Boardshorts project during the fundraiser they held in June at H.S. Lordships in Berkeley (which was a great party, by the way!). The highlight of this event for me were the video presentations of what Bryan, Tyson, and Wyatt are trying to accomplish. Beyond the great fun these guys have and the infectious love for the sport that they exude, there was a compelling mission and purpose: that of putting windsurfing equipment in the hands of young kids who are in no position to procure it themselves, and in doing so, open new horizons to them. Their vision touched me deeply. And as life would have it, i had the opportunity to become a part of this movement.

i had in place for a couple of weeks later a trip that would take me to the Dominican Republic, one of the places of interest to BeyondBoardshorts. And while this trip was not a wind-centred trip, i had programmed the possibility popping in to Cabarete to get a couple of days on the water. I also remembered that i had in my garage a small board that had given me countless hours of joy but i had not touched in a handful of years and thought it would make a good board for a grom there. So a couple of days after the party i contacted Wyatt, Tyson and Bryan to ask them to whether my intended contribution would be helpful and if so, to arrange contact with Pablito, a local man who runs a kids windsurfing program in Cabarete. They immediately replied to tell me that not only would my board be put to good use down there… but, would i also be able to take some kids’ rigs that others had already donated to the cause? I agreed and we promptly coordinated to get the equipment in my hands and packed for the trip. In the meantime, they also alerted the folks at Vela Cabarete who work with Pablito that I’d be coming bringing some material.

And off i flew… but as i mentioned, this wasn’t a wind-centred trip, and there were several days and a couple of other stops before i would be anywhere near Cabarete to hand the kit over to Pablito. I would be lying if i told you that as i schlepped that kit around on the early part of my itinerary i didn’t ask myself what i had gotten myself into… but inside i always knew that the purpose was bigger than my temporary inconvenience.

And indeed it was!!

I met up with Pablito on a Saturday as he was conducting one his series of fun races where his kids get a chance to compete and hone their race skills. With the day’s racing completed, i had a chance to meet some of the local groms, and then turn over to Pablito the equipment i had brought. He explained to me some more details of the program he runs with incredible dedication. His joy and excitement were palpable as he examined each piece of equipment and rattled off names of kids that would be the beneficiaries of the project’s effort.

I barely got a couple of hours’ riding time in Cabarete, but that didn’t matter much… what mattered much more to me was the satisfaction i felt from knowing that, in a small way, i had made a positive difference in the lives of some kids, and that from that day forward they and i would be sharing, if thousands of miles apart, the great joy that windsurfing gives.

Thank you Tyson, Wyatt, and Bryan for having the vision to make this possible!”


2 thoughts on “Kipps goes to Cabarete with windsurf gear for Pablito’s kids

  1. Thank you Kipps !!! We loved your story and cant wait to follow up with Pablito’s kids! They look like they are having a blast!

  2. Kipps,
    What a lovely story and such a kind thing to do. We know Pablito well and can attest that his love of the sport and his dedication to the kids is tremendous.
    Thanks for inspiring us all to do more.

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